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AmigaworldNET - Amiga IRC Network
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Network Services

We provide free of charge network Services available to assist you with the registration and management of your nickname and channel.

Services Online Control Panel

The online control panel is provided to help you find users, recover a password, read your memos, see who has been banned and so on, please click the link below to open the control panel.

Click Here


  • NickServ, a powerful nickname manager that users can use to protect themselves against nick stealing. Each user has its own nickname group, that allows him to register as many nicks as he needs while still being able to take profit of his privileges and to modify his nick configuration. NickServ also has an optional password retrieval feature.
    [ Guide ]

  • ChanServ, a powerful channel manager that helps users to administer their channels in a totally customisable way. ChanServ has an internal list of privilegied users and banned users that controls accesses on a per-channel basis. It eliminates all takeover problems, because of its powerful op/unban/invite and even mass deop and mass kick functions.
    [ Guide ]

  • MemoServ, an helpful companion that allows sending short messages to offline users, that they can then read when they come online later.
    [ Guide ]

  • BotServ, an original service that allows users to get a permanent, friendly bot on their channels in an easy way. Each bot can be configured to monitor the channels against floods, repetitions, caps writing, swear, and take appropriate actions. It also can handle user-friendly commands (!op,!deop,!voice,!devoice,!kick,...), say a short greet message when an user joins a channel, and even "take over" ChanServ actions such as auto-opping users, saying the entry notice, and so on.
    [ Guide ]

  • HostServ, a neat service that allows users to show custom vHosts (virtual hosts) instead of their real IP address. New users will automatically receive an [Username].Amigaworld.Net vhost upon registration. Regular users can request a more customised vhost, syntax: /msg hostserv request vhost.
    [ Guide ]

  • ReportServ, a system which you (the user) can use to report abuse to currently online staff members. Please don't use ReportServ for trivial things that you can deal with by ignoring a user [/ignore nick]. However,
    if someone is persistantly harassing you, flooding or making obsene remarks, please do make use of this service.
    Syntax: /msg ReportServ Yourmessage

We STRICTLY prohibit the registration of nicknames or channels for solicitation or trade of pornography or pirated software, or nicknames or channels used for the harassment of others. We will allow some nicknames and channels, within reason, for sensitive topics and issues. We reserve all rights to delete or banish a nickname, or to set a channel as secret (+s making it invisible to all other users), or close the channel should we deem the channel name or topic offensive or in violation of policy.

We do not control the content of channel or private conversations and takes no responsibility and disclaims all liability for the content of any text or materials which pass through the network servers or the results of running any commands while using our Services.

Copyright (C) 2004 Designed and Developed by David Doyle