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AmigaworldNET the Amiga IRC Network was formed on 24th May 2004 by Amigaworld.net in association with Happybiscuit.com and Polarboing.com and was built around the Amiga community to help facilitate the communications of Amiga users and online organisations.

Though mainly an IRC network for Amiga users, AmigaworldNET welcomes everyone to chat about anything (within its rules).

  What is IRC?

  • IRC stands for 'Internet Relay Chat', and is a means for people to talk together in a text-based, real-time environment on the internet.

  • It's very simple to join in the fun. All you need is an IRC client (such as AmIRC or mIRC), you can then reach AmigaworldNET by connecting to AmigaworldNET's default server by typing /connect irc.amigaworld.net, or by connecting to the nearest server to you from our server list.

  • If you have a JAVA enabled browser you can instead connect to our IRC network via the Webchat.

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